14 Apr

Korean and Chinese Restaurant
13A Victoria Street, Carlton
Tel : (03) 96391747

25 Market Lane
Tel : (03) 96500848

well. it is Easter week plus the holidays.
before i start doing my work.
I had to relax and get all the fun out of the way first.
haha. what a good excuse. but yes. (:
and so i did.

Andy came to visit Beatrice
and so the eating escapades starts here. haha.
it started with dinner at the Korean restaurant at Carlton.
We havent been there in ages.
and I just want to bring him there.
to give it a try.
and hopefully they both enjoyed it. heh

so what is having Korean without having the small dishes yes? hehe

i must say
it wasnt as good as 7&7 but it was still pretty good. (:

and we never miss ordering this dish. hehe
Beef bulgolgi

and this is my FAVOURITE-est dish. haha
spicy tofu soup! hehe
they give a generous portion of toufu
and the soup base is really awesome. hehe

sweet and spicy fried chicken
this is not very korean at all.
this place adds a chinese food touch to it’s menu.
which is awesome.
so we have more options! hehe
this is a crowd favourite. was before. and still is now. (:

Beatrice chose this. haha
apparently not too good. not enough flavour.
but she wanted some fatty pork. hehe (:

and of course.
we had the best company of the night
hehe. the funny buddy. (:

boy was that a good and filling dinner. hehe
very happy.

but what made me happier.
was lunch with Steph the next day! (:
the darling sweet Steph bought me and baby lunch at Shoya!
you don’t know how much I love this place. haha
and I didn’t know they had lunch sets which were pretty worth the money!
for the amount and quality of food they gave us of course.

thanks so much dearie! (:
lunch was awesome. and the one after lunch was also awesome! haha

Steph and I had the Shoya Set
Baby had the set with the best of both worlds! haha
his set came with his current craving – Eel and wagyu beef (:
told you is the best of both worlds for him. hehe

so here are the dishes
and though it may look small.
there were heaps of food.
and we were stuffed by the end of lunch! hehe

and trust me. everything was good.
from the start to the finish!

the first cold dish was a cucumber salad with small slices of eel.
it was so good.
even for me and Steph who don’t like eel. haha

Chawamushi! (: hehe

chilled tofu.
super good. hehe

Sashimi! (: goodness.
we were amaxed with their presentation.
it was served on top of a frozen ball of grapefuit! haha
was awesome.
and super fresh!

steph and my tempura! hehe
so happy. (:

Baby’s eel. hehe small but worth it. hehe

and our fish! hehe
whee-bit over done but still fresh, sweet and awesome

and last but not the least.
Wagya beef! hehe
was awesome. really delish!

oh yes. we had dessert. haha.
a scoop of green tea / vanilla icecream!
which we had no idea why it was served on a plate. haha
cos we had difficulties eating it.
but still awesome (:

and like what i said.
we had an awesome lunch with Steph
and also an awesome after-lunch haha.
yes. we went. bar-hopping! hehe

for our very first time!
it was soooo fun! omg. haha
pricey. but soo much fun (:

haha. see the missing head? (:
we were at this underground bar
and it was so pretty. haha.

yes. the missing head belongs to Cheok. haha (:

such a super awesome night.
we started drinking erm. since. haha. 4pm
and we only ended at like 10pm.
yes steph. we continue after dinner. haha

the next day.
we met jan for lunch at Bimbos! hehe
and boy was I glad I brought her there.
cos what’s better than pizza and beer? heh
(yes. it was a weekend filed with drinks)

im so glad she came to Melbourne.
and I’m so glad I have a friend like here.
it was awesome. hehe

use sitting on a cute bench along Brunswick Street. hehe

was a happy weekend for me (:
happy happy!


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