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Birthday Celebrations

29 Apr
Spaghetti Tree
59 Bourke Street
Vic 3000

Tel : (03) 9650 3174


it was Cheryl’s birthday
and since she was here on a holiday
it was nice of her to organize a get together with the other friends here in Melbourne
and we decided to meet at Spaghetti Tree! (:
I’ve always wanted to try it
cause Kenn use to tell me their pastas were pretty good.
and they were!

a pity i didnt take pictures of the food this time.
but i’m sure I will the next time I go back i will!
(yes, i’ve decided it’s pretty good and worth making another trip back!)

but what i did take was photos of the birthday girl (:

was really good catching up with everyone.
after almost 4 years i think
yea. that was the last time I met up with most of them (:

was awesome really (:
felt like we were kinda back to MGS again. haha
thanks for organising this!

and Happy Birthday again!