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i will survive.

18 Apr

just one more weekend.
i can do this.
and i will do this with a smile.

at least i’ve done all the readings i need.
and I sorta have a general direction of where the essay will be heading towards.
1500 words.

update : 100 words down.
slow and steady Lianne.

aim for tonight (180409): finish a good introduction. and i mean. good.

UPDATE (190409)

I am halfway through
and have 750 words to go.
I can do this. and I will do this WELL.
pray for me!

UPDATE AGAIN (200409, 2am)

DONE! at last.
im the happiest person in the world.
hopefully it’s of a certain standard and quality.
shall read through it again tmr with a fresher mind.
for now.
im going to crash.
Thanks for your prayers!

PS: thanks baby for cooking dinner and preparing it for the whole day! (:
i love you!


This is it

18 Apr

This is it. It’s the last weekend race to the finish line. Readings, writing and editing. It’s all going to happen these 2 days. Wish me luck and pray for me! Can’t wait till this weekend is over. I think it’s the first time I ever want a weekend to be over. Haha. Toodles for now! 🙂

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