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Happy Birthday Uncle John!

29 May


i’ve know you for a really long time
since I was 12. haha
you practically saw me grow up
it’s been 11 years! (: time really flies.
I do miss you training me.
and if it wasn’t for you.
I wouldn’t love bowling as much as I do now. hehe

Hope you had an awesome day! hehe


good food + great company + awesome surprise = Happy Lianne !

29 May

was an awesome awesome night. for many reasons.

i came home to someone hiding in my room. haha
and SURPRISE! hehe
Qiuling appeared!!!! *Screams*
without telling me she had a flight to Melbourne la. hehe
she and Cheok hid this from me
to surprise both me and baby last night.

Thank you thank you! hehe
so happy you’re here. (:
Even if it was just for the night.
it was awesome to have someone close in Melbourne.
Always is. hehe
HEAPS of pictures! (:

home is where the heart is.

27 May

if only my holidays were longer.

a boy who loves me

25 May
what would you look forward to
after a long long day.
and a long ride home on a rainy gloomy dark day?

coming home to the boy you love
as well as a hot and yummy dinner (:

that’s what I had tonight.
My baby prepared a lovely dinner for me.
and it was super yums! hehe

how pretty is that? hehe
it’s Australian Salmon on a bed of noodles with fried enoki mushrooms!
(i dunno why the salmon is not the usual colour but it tastes like salmon! haha)

my baby is really creative! hehe
it’s no surprise cause he was an arts student. but yea.
this was really pretty!

more pictures!

Fluffy Buttermilk Sultana Scones

24 May

I use to make the scones my mummy taught me.
with 7-up and cream.
but I really wanted to try those that are made using buttermilk. (:
saw a few recipes. but decided to use the one I saw on Kitchenwench
been reading her blog lately.
and she is so inspiring! hehe
and she teaches how to make all the korean yums.
so I was jus addicted. haha.
recipe and more pictures!

chinese food makes us h-a-p-p-y !

24 May

inspired by the wantons we had at the Sichuan restaurant.
we decided to make our own and have them for dinner! (:
and baby is an expert at making the meat for wantons. hehe
and so he was in charge of making them!
and we would make the wantons together hehe


addicted to chilli

23 May
Sichuan Restaurant
65 Carrington Street, Boxhill
Vic 3128

Opens : 1130 to 5pm
              530pm to 10pm

recently. I’ve been addicted to spicy food.
I think it might just be because of the change of weather.
and feeling cold all the time.
and having spicy food makes my tummy warm and fuzzy hehe

Wednesdays are short days for me.
Emma would bring me to somewhere nice at Boxhill for lunch before we went home.
this week. she brought me to have Sichuan food.
and I liked it so much
and kept raving about it.
I decided to bring Baby there for lunch today.
but i think he didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. haha

chilli. yums!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

23 May

without you. I’m cant’ be where I am today.
love you dad! (:


pure indulgence and obsession.

22 May

don’t call us crazy.
we’re just obsessed.
I’m obsessed with the perfecting of a chocolate souffle
and my baby is just obsessed with the souffle itself. (:
and we are not shy to say it!
though I think my waist is going to suffer.
so the gym would be a must tomorrow.
(hold me to that. haha)

but before I go into details of the souffle I made tonight
(inspired by what I saw on Masterchef Australia)
let me share with you what I made for dinner tonight.

Yes. I’ve made it before.
but I think it’s way better tonight (:
and being me.
SUPER anal about presentation.
I think tonight’s one would win hands down.

we had the widest smile tonight

let it shine.

21 May

please let the sun shine and bring in some light.