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yes we will.

22 Apr

stole this from Jas
cause I couldn’t not have it.

MIssing u girls too!
you have no idea how much.




baking day

22 Apr
I am announcing that Fridays are going to be my baking day! (:
im excited *jumps*

so what should I bake?

1 ) Chocolate Brownie
2 ) Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcake
3 ) Peach and Cream Cheese Muffins


okie. now back to the readings.



22 Apr
I don’t wanna seem like im harping on this topic.
although I think I am.
I am in no position to complain that I put on 2kg
cause Baby is right.
I haven’t been gyming.
and the junk food plus alcohol ain’t exactly screaming HEALTHY.

I just want to write it here
so I can constantly remind myself.
and people can remind me as well
(please feel free to say, LIANNE. EXERCISE.anytime)
that I have stopped. looked at the situation
and decided to at least cycle/walk for 30mins a day.
starting from tomorrow.

yes the phrase " i will start tomorrow"
has also been in my conversation alot
when I’m talking about losing weight, getting healthy and eating well.

but hey. at least I’m trying yes? haha.
ah wells.
just really wanna feel good about myself.
which I dun right now.

so till tomorrow.
wait for my daily updates
and if I dun update about my exercise for that day.


Jason Mraz Concert Tour 2009 ♥

22 Apr
it was awesome! (: that’s all I can say
post-high from the concert. haha.
really really good.
his voice. just melts your heart
even if you were sitting right at the back of the theatre
though we were standing on the floor.
just 4 rows of people away.
when he sang I’m Yours. I was just.
mesmerized. haha
really really good! hehe

my favourite shot of the night. (:

More of Jason Mraz (: