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Congratulations Steph !

3 Apr
last weekend.
we were invited to attend Stephie’s graduation hehe
before i post the photos
i just wanna say CONGRATULATIONS! hehe
so awesome seeing how happy you and your family are.

photos of Steph’s special day !


breakfast : the most important meal of the day

3 Apr
Baby and I noticed that we are breakfast people.
and during the weekend
the thing we are really willing to spend on is BREAKFAST! hehe
a good one. if possible.
we try and go around and look for breakfast places.
be it in Melbourne or in Singapore.
we are in search for the best breakfast places! (:

well there are many things to consider when rating a breakfast place.

1) How long did we wait to get seated
2) How long did we wait to get our food
3) What was the quality of the food
4) The quantity
5) Our thoughts about it – If we enjoyed it or not

so the past weekend.
it has been breakfast weekend.
starting from Friday!
see what we had!