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maybe. just maybe. hopefully.

12 May

if everything goes well
and we can get cheap tickets and cheap accommodation.
maybe. just maybe.
(7 July to 11 July.)



eat.drink.eat.drinks. P-A-R-T-A-E-E!

14 Apr

Korean and Chinese Restaurant
13A Victoria Street, Carlton
Tel : (03) 96391747

25 Market Lane
Tel : (03) 96500848

well. it is Easter week plus the holidays.
before i start doing my work.
I had to relax and get all the fun out of the way first.
haha. what a good excuse. but yes. (:
and so i did.

Andy came to visit Beatrice
and so the eating escapades starts here. haha.
it started with dinner at the Korean restaurant at Carlton.
We havent been there in ages.
and I just want to bring him there.
to give it a try.
and hopefully they both enjoyed it. heh

so what is having Korean without having the small dishes yes? hehe

food. drinks. happiness!

more of guangzhou!

18 Feb
yes. at long last.
i got the photos compiled the last day
and here it is! (:
it’s all about food this trip. haha
of course shopping. as you’ve seen before. hehe
so it’s going to be pretty much all photos this post! hehe
so don’t say you weren’t warned!

happy happy tummy!

Guangzhou Trip Day 2

8 Feb
yes yes. very very late. haha
photos are so difficult to edit! (:
oh wells.

Day 2 of Guangzhou! and trust me.
each day just gets better!
food, shopping, food, shopping.
seriously. AWESOME!

Yingy brought us to this area with alot of sports stuff!
but the highlight of the morning was…

and they were super yummy!
and scarily cheap. haha

happiness! (:

Guangzhou Trip Day 1 (at long last!)

2 Feb
this took a while haha.
but about a month ago
we went to Guangzhou for a holiday!
and boy was it a good one. hehe
for the shopping as well as the food. and everything was C-H-E-A-P!

People on the trip :

Mummy, Lianne, Lester, Melissa, Haolin and June

People we met at Guangzhou :

Qirong and Yingy PLUS family!

happy happy first day!

Malacca Trip 2008

30 Jan
I do apologise for this really late post
and because of this
all the other posts are pushed back as well! haha (:

But anyways.
We made a trip to Malacca with Haolin for just 3 days
and Malacca to us is like a food paradise
not only is the food good, it’s super cheap!
so of course. as usual. we went C.R.A.Z.Y!

haha we had a crazy ride from Singapore to Malacca as well! (:
the boys always have heaps of fun together

haha BUDDY BUDDY! (:


then came the food !

28 Dec
but before the food photos come up
more adventures! (:

actually just one. hehe
sand dunes!
i didn’t really wanna try.
but Haolin and my baby did! hehe
and boy did they have fun

hehe see how excited my baby is (:
all ready for the sand dunes!

the most beautiful skies seen

Many many pictures!

let the fun begin!

26 Dec
this trip to New Zealand was filled with adventures
and is all extreme sports! hehe
and REALLY exciting!
this is one trip we will never ever forget. hehe

the day started with..


More of New Zealand! (back-dated!)

22 Dec
I know it’s been a long time
been really busy with alot of things!
haha but here are the updates of New Zealand a few weeks ago


after all the yummy food we had for the first day
the next day, we had to do some activity! haha
so my uncle brought us to this new place called

many many peektures!

Whakatau ki Aotearoa

25 Nov
HOLIDAY! woohoohoo! (: hehe
yups. Me and my baby are off to New Zealand!
for the very first time together!