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when we crave for chinese

25 Apr

Pacific BBQ House and Cafe
213 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

this place never fails us
when we need some chinese food in our system. haha.
especially the roast meats.
they are ALWAYS awesome.
and you don’t really need to wait for long.
after ordering.
the food (if u order the roasts not the other things)
comes in like 5 mins! (:

Our favourite is the soy sauce chicken and the roast duck.
and you can have it with rice, dry noodles or noodle soup!
baby was craving for something soupy
cause he just recovered from his flu
so he ordered the noodle soup yesterday (:

on the side note :

Satisfaction Day 2 – COMPLETE.
yes. I did go to the gym yesterday as well.
and it felt good
just sweating it out.
even though it was a short 20 min workout.
I think I am heading in the right direction! hehe.
so i am quite proud of myself. haha.
even though my calorie output is way less than my input.
but I will get there. some day i will.