home-cooked goodnessss !

14 Apr
instead of having breakie out like before.
we decided to stay in and have me cook breakie (:
and instead of having jus scrambled eggs.
that we have on most mornings.
i looked at what we had in the fridge
and try and stir up something nice. hehe

so this is what I came up with :

scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, mushrooms, avocado and turkey ham (:

i think it came out pretty good (: hehe
maybe just need to try making eggs benedict. heh
so I dun have to go look for the perfect one.

but then again. I am still DYING to try MART130 and European. hehe
and more recently.
this place Sophia talked about at Amardale, Philippa’s.
though baby said it was too far. haha
we shall see (:

well. if you know me and baby for a while now.
you would know we are foodies
and we love to cook or eat out.
don’t matter.
as long as we get good food. (:

but a few nights back
we decided to cook something special for dinner.
Fish in this household is a rare item on the menu
only cause it’s costly. haha.
we kinda use prawns as a substitute.
but yes. we had fish! hehe

I decided to cook miso paste flake with cheese.
it’s baby’s favourite dish and I just wanted to make him happy.
and baby made my favourite dish. haha
butter prawns (:

the fish turned out perfect
with alot of gooey cheese. hehe

the fish was moist and done perfectly.
and the combination of cheese and miso. was just awesome! hehe
compliments each other very well
and so easy to do! (:

i can never get tired of this dish he cooks. hehe
super duper yummy (:
with crispy garlic. hehe

yummers. hehe
totally love it when we cook together
just inspires each other. (:

so what are you going to cook today?



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