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welcome welcome !

4 Apr

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
DFO Spencer Street
Shop 219 Level 1 201
Spencer Street, Docklands

Tel : (03) 86897570

Janessa came to Melbourne! (: hehe
i was quite excited
cause rarely my friends come to melbourne
and I don’t normally get to see them
till I head back to Singapore.
and even then.
sometimes we don’t get to meet up.
so I was really happy i got to meet up with her! and Tasha of course
was ages since I last saw Tasha. haha
sec 4 to be exact.

First time I did some shopping since I came to Melbourne
and it felt good.
a good release of stress before the battle of (ASS)ignments and hell alot of readings
so today was just pure awesome! (:

after DFO and a good jap dinner
(hopefully was good for the two of you too!)
we wanted to just sit down and chat!
so I brought them to the Chocolate Lounge
for some needed fix of chocolate hehe!


craving no more !

4 Apr

7&7 Korean Restaurant
21B Koorang Road
Vic 3163
Tel : (03) 95724711

Booking essential for dinner!

I have been having a HUGE craving for korean food
and I am so glad everyone would go and eat it with me! haha (:
we met (the usual 5 of us) for dinner last night.
and I am one happy girl! (yet again)

bulgogi.bulgogi. and more bulgogi.