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17 Apr

alot of things happening recently has been making me think quite abit
about the friends around me
those we have come and those who have gone.
don’t get me wrong.
I understand the fact that friends do come and go.
and only those who treasure the friendship will stay.

just emotional i guess.
cause i feel like those that we were close to.
are no longer as close.
and really. those are the ones i really treasure.
and i care about.
and those are the ones who are difficult to let go.

i dunno. =(


a want, maybe a need

17 Apr

i really want at least one of these.
so many things i can make with this.
and the best of all.
i can put it in the oven.

anyone wanna buy one for me? (:

not everything is about looks

17 Apr
trust you me.
the first thing we judge a person of is his/her looks
and that’s what exactly everyone did in the show.
before this awesome inspirational woman started singing
and showing her talent.
alot you can learn.

thank you Jolene for sharing!

you wouldn’t want to miss this.

Congratulations Dr. Teo

17 Apr

A big congratulations in order (:
I’m so proud of you.
though I always knew you could do it.
no matter how many times u say u are not confident
and worried.

Well Done!
Super happy for you hehe.

now go enjoy yourself!