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happy happy happy!

2 Apr
guess what i found?

HERSHEY’S!!!! (: hehe
bought like 5 packets. hahaha
so i don’t have to hunt for them when i want to bake those cookies!



you’re my sunshine after the rain

2 Apr

today is going to be a great day!
i know it. cause this morning.
i woke up to the most beautiful sunrise ever.
even though i had the worse headache last night.
I woke up this morning
feeling energised and fresh!
(i dunno how i do it haha)
but yes. heh

i got super good news this morning by my huacksiepoopoo (:
she got me the baking book! hehe
seriously put a smile on my face immediately when I read it!
you’re really awesome.
im blessed to have a friend, sister in you.

so didn’t I tell you, today is going to be an awesome day?

now back to work.