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Family : Beautifully Imperfect

14 Apr

Saw this on Melissa’s blog and was really touched.
saw it again and again
and i was touched again and again by the words she said.
how she described her life with her husband
and what he meant to her.

"In the end, it’s these small things that you remember, little imperfections that make them perfect for you."

this made me think back of all the silly things I did.
picking on the small things.
getting upset almost over nothing.

so treasure your loved ones
your family.
those that are beautifully imperfect in your eyes.
cause they are the ones who will be with you. no matter what happens.



Roadtrip to Mornington Peninsula

14 Apr

since Andy was here
and he didnt have a chance to go anywhere else but the city.
I just wanted to bring him out of the city
and allow him to have a feel of doing different things!
so that called for a ROADTRIP! hehe
was really excited and all.
though I’ve been to Mornington many times
but different company
just meant a new experience. hehe
so I didn’t mind at all
plus we added a few new places
so it wasn’t exactly doing the same things! hehe (:

first stop : Craft’s Market at Mornington Race Course
which I loveeee. but didn’t take photos
or buy anything
except for a block of blue cheese. haha
so go with our wine at home.
but I love markets.
just walking around and all.
so this was one stop i was really looking forward to! hehe

then we went to Sorrento. A place recommended by Aunty Lan.
it’s a small town. and I do love small towns. hehe
this one was the one with the famous Vanilla Slice
which I was quite sad I didn’t get to eat.
cause I was way too full after lunch =(
heaps of peektures!

home-cooked goodnessss !

14 Apr
instead of having breakie out like before.
we decided to stay in and have me cook breakie (:
and instead of having jus scrambled eggs.
that we have on most mornings.
i looked at what we had in the fridge
and try and stir up something nice. hehe

so this is what I came up with :

scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, mushrooms, avocado and turkey ham (:
home-cooked goodness! P-A-R-T-A-E-E!

14 Apr

Korean and Chinese Restaurant
13A Victoria Street, Carlton
Tel : (03) 96391747

25 Market Lane
Tel : (03) 96500848

well. it is Easter week plus the holidays.
before i start doing my work.
I had to relax and get all the fun out of the way first.
haha. what a good excuse. but yes. (:
and so i did.

Andy came to visit Beatrice
and so the eating escapades starts here. haha.
it started with dinner at the Korean restaurant at Carlton.
We havent been there in ages.
and I just want to bring him there.
to give it a try.
and hopefully they both enjoyed it. heh

so what is having Korean without having the small dishes yes? hehe

food. drinks. happiness!