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thinking thoughts.

30 Apr
was really nice having Emma on the tram on the trip back home
instead of the usual :
music and readings – kind of journey home (:
was speaking to her throughout the trip
the poor girl haha.
cos we were talking about how people can change
and almost instantly.

and how we are the avoidance kind of friend
who will rather just keep quiet
and allow the person to go on
only cause when we tell her/him
it will only end up in either of the 2 ways :

1) her/him being crazily over apologetic and puling back
2) being really fake

so yea. we tend to lean towards the avoidance side
although i must admit that im the kind who will tell the person off
when it has hit my limit.
and if the person sees it as I’m being against her on purpose
or im being jealous or what-so-ever.
then so be it.

don’t get me wrong.
I will be more than just upset.
but ultimately
friends do come and go.
and those who stay are the ones who really treasures your friendship
and even if u tell her/him off and let them now their weakness.
they would accept it and try to change
or at least be nice about it.

wow. okie.
the things we can talk about on our1 hr ride back to the city.
nice to know she feels the same.

im just emotional.
and friendship, espcially now when im far away, means alot to me.
and I just take all to my heart.
and make them personal. rah.
it’s my weakness.
but it’s something i don’t think i will be able to change.