Jason Mraz Concert Tour 2009 ♥

22 Apr
it was awesome! (: that’s all I can say
post-high from the concert. haha.
really really good.
his voice. just melts your heart
even if you were sitting right at the back of the theatre
though we were standing on the floor.
just 4 rows of people away.
when he sang I’m Yours. I was just.
mesmerized. haha
really really good! hehe

my favourite shot of the night. (:

so we arrived at Fetival Hall at around 615 and saw like thousands of people
already queuing up. and we still havent collected our tickets

so we went to the booth, collected them and realised two tickets were entering from Door 11
and one was entering from Door 4.
we asked a few people if we could enter together.
and one said we could
we decided to queue there (Door 4)
but when we were getting in. they told us we have to go through the doors stated on the tickets.
RAH! haha.
so Siti went in first and Baby and I went through the other door.
ah wells.
wasn’t going to let that spoil our mood.
so we just went snapping away with the camera!

look how big our smiles were! hehe

and the crazy queue on both doors!

when we got in.
the people on the floor were all sitting down!
so we had a good view of the stage.
that didn’t last long.
(only when the concert hasn’t started haha)

Us with all the people around us.

you can never imagine the havoc or rush
when Jason Mraz appeared to introduce the special guests of his show. haha
we were like. HUH???? haha
stood up and RAN as well! goodness.

I thought it was really nice that he did the introduction of the special guests himself (:

Eric Hutchinson (:
he was oh-so-good as well!
he sounded a bit like Jason Mraz. haha
maybe that’s why I like his songs and voice.

everyone held their hands up and swayed.

he was super entertaining and his songs were superb (:
"rock & roll"

and while waiting for Jason Mraz to come on stage
and melt our hearts. haha
we took picturesssss! (:

wrong-mode of the camera haha

correct mode.
bad aim. haha

baby and me (:
thanks for coming along though you weren’t feeling too well! hehe

siti and meeeee hehe

haha i dunno why Baby is puling a long face. and i was smiling so wide! haha

and here he is (:

his voice.
like really loveeee. haha
(oops. sorry baby. but his voice really super goood!)

with arms wide open.
he’s the man of the night (:

let’s dance the night away

we totally went crazy when he sang "I’m Yours"

he’s team (:

the night had to come to an end.
sadly. but thankfully too cos our feet were hurting so bad!
but it was all worth it! hehe

Thank you Siti for inviting us along!
was just super awesome la. hehe
Had so much fun!
Screaming, swaying, moving to the beat.
was just A-W-E-S-O-M-E!



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