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love you, loving me.

17 Mar

"No one understands me quite like you do,

through all of the shadowy corners of me"

i can never get enough scones!

17 Mar
Karen came to visit! (:
and it was awesome. really.
being able to jus catch up and hang out.
just missing lynnette in the picture.
of cos. if vivian, joe and the rest were here.
itwould be more than great.
but im jus glad that we got a chance to catch up with an old friend
and they place she wanted to go, or craved for.
was Miss Marples! hehe
and Eric was nice enough to bring us there!

and as always.
going to Miss Marples means. HEAPS of photos. haha.
of the food. of us. hehe.
it was awesome!