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itchy fingers.

5 Mar

im thinking of baking this weekend
before uni starts.
hehe just have the urge to bake.
so i may just get down to it.
stay tuned to see what i came up with! (:


a new life.

5 Mar
recently. i was sent baby pictures of my nephew!
thanks to my cousin, June, for sending them to me.
his 1 month birthday i think u can call that. haha.
and! (:

this is Athan.

how chubby are his cheeks! (:
omg. hehe.
i want to pinch them and just carry him!

that’s his sister kissing his forehead.
hehe so cute!
it’s nice to see the loveeee.

and that’s my dearest mummy
carrying baby Athan

i do miss home.