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i want therefore i did.

7 Mar
i baked! (:
using my small handheld mixer. haha.
but i baked cupcakes.
and successfully!

it’s been ages since i used a handheld mixer.
i do miss my Kenwood. alot.
but never mind that.

I baked something new and it was yummy!
well. i liked it.
cos it had all my favourite things in one cupcake!

chocolate cupcake with creme banana filling and…
peanut butter icing! woohoo!

i made it with my baby’s words in my mind.
he wanted something in the cupcake that would explode when he bites into it.
hehe. so i thought.
what better combination then.
chocolate, banana and peanut butter?

my first time making one with a filling! hehe
im really happy with how it turned out. hehe

all i wish was that my icing was a bit nicer. hehe
i will work on that.
but overall. i am super glad i baked! (:
we shall see what i will come up next