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should i stay or should i go?

12 Mar
im thinking of moving back to my blogger account.
i guess i’ve always liked that account. haha
any suggestions?
to stay in livejournal? or so go back to blogger?
or update both?


I’ve decided to stay on LJ afterall! (:
updates will continue here and here only! hehe


raindrops keep falling on my head

12 Mar
woke up early to do a bit of revision of what went on in lectures yeaterday
yes i know. NERD ALERT. haha.
but that is besides the point! hehe
the skies were really gloomy
so i sat down at my table.
started scribbling away
with a hot cuppa and my cupcake (:

i do love mornings like that.

i love it when classes start in the afternoon! (: