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today will be cheat day

14 Mar
it’s cheat day!
so we can eat anything and everything we want! haha
of course. i felt bad at the end of the day
but never mind that! (:

haha. baby and I have been craving for pizzas.
and last night
we had the chance to have it with Cheok at Papa Ginos! hehe
been sooo long since we had pizza.
and baby was really looking forward to the super special (:

3 of us ordered 2 LARGE pizzas. haha.
i had three slices. which is more than i usually have haha
and the boys finished the rest! hehe
13 slices between the 2 of them.
they sure can eat! hehe

how awesome do they look? hehe
meat lovers is my all-time favourite.

well. another cheat day today.
having Greasy Joe’s for dinner! hehe
cant wait till that!