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First time lucky : Recipes !

26 Mar
Did a few things that was my first try today.
just felt like doing something new (:
and i did.

been looking and reading blogs.
both cooking and baking ones.
and found quite a number of things i wanna make and bake!
just gets my stress or like emotions away.
away from myself.
which is good. and therapeutic (:

SO! hehe
today i made this dish for dinner called
Three Emporer Egg. haha.
sounds profound. but it’s super easy! hehe
and it has everything my baby likes.
so i thought of giving it a try.

pictures and recipes!


sunday morning – breakie morning

26 Mar
i had a huge craving for pancakes
and asked baby if he was ok to go to Pancake Parlour for breakfast
I don’t really care what others say about this place
cause I like how the pancakes taste
and it was really AWESOME.

with free flow of coffee.
just perfect. (:

baby had the country breakfast
with the yummy garlic mushrooms, bacon eggs and tomatoes

i jus had the bacon and eggs (:

and i left the place a very happy and full girl. (:
and did i say i was happy?
yes. i was. hehe

Tuesday is half price Bluefire Day!

26 Mar
Steph and her family are all back in Melbourne
cause my dear Stephie is graduating this Sat! (:

we met for dinner on Tuesday night.
and since it was Tuesday
the only place I could think of to bring them was Bluefire
cause of their half price deal!
and boy did we eat HEAPS. haha.
Thank you so much uncle and aunty for this really superbly yummy dinner. (:

with red eggs and music playing

26 Mar

since i was here my very first year.
Mum gave me a small container of red colouring powder
for my lunar birthdays (:

and today. i had two! hehe
cos in the lunar calender.
i turn 24! haha.

Woke up with a pleasant surprise
a message from Yiang! (:
saying that she saw Love Story’s MTV
and thought of me

Really do miss hanging out with her and Jas.
our YJL day this year will be spent apart.
but we can SKYPE! (:
(looking on the brighter side of things)
or you girls can come and visit meeeee. hehe

"in youth we learn, in age we understand" – Bob