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21 Mar
really love this advert (:

south melbourne ; love for food

21 Mar
Linx Bbq & Noodle
Stall 92 and 93
322 – 326 Conventory Street
South Melbourne
Vic 3205

Peko Peko Cafe
190 Wells Street
South Melbourne
Vic 3205
it was a whole day of food
and not just food.
food around the suburb : South Melbourne
and it was an awesome day out.
something me and baby needed (:
and it was great!

South Melbourne Market was our first stop
and it’s quite an up-market place to get your produce.
but their meat looks so much better.
though we resisted to get the aged-scotch fillet.
we just might get it the next time we head there! hehe
we had a steal though.
King Island Dairy, Seal Bay triple cream brie for just $3!
we just couldn’t resist that.
and was in shock for the next 10 mins or so. haha.
so I guess that’s where we will be going to get our cheese next time! (:

after walking and exploring the markets (which i conveniently forgot to shoot. pfft!)
We were hungry and was looking for a good place to eat
and we found : Linx BBQ and noodle place.
we saw people eating the roast meats on rice.
and jus couldn’t say no.

Baby had the roast duck on rice
and I had the roast duck on noodles.
both were $8.
and quite reasonably priced i reckon.
and it was really good! (: hehe
though baby said the portion at Pacific House is larger.
but I think this is just nice for me! haha

we walked around the area for a bit.
and we went past a cake place
with super pretty cupcakes!

we headed home after
cause we had the cheese and didn’t want that to go to waste.
and headed back to South Melbourne for dinner with Tim!
he brought us to this new place called Peko Peko
(what a cute name! haha)
was a cross cuisine of Taiwanese and Japanese food.
and it was good!
(besides waiting for almost an house for our mains)

we has starters :

Wasabi mayo prawns and taiwanese sausages.

Mains :

Bento boxes with

Lianne – Honey chicken
Lester – Pork Chop
Tim – Pop chicken

the bento boxes also came with a fried tofu with chilli sauce
(simple but super good)
as well as an egg and cucumber salad
with wasabi sauce.

was really good catching up with Tim
cause it’s been ages! (:
glad we did.

well. good food.
good company.
great night! (:
what i really needed after a pretty stressful week.

im a happy girl