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Cupcake pops/bites – The Challenge

29 Mar
Been wanting to do this for a while already
but only got down to doing it today
after seeing the challenge post! hehe
and im glad i did.
It’s a bit time consuming
but the satisfaction after it’s done. is AWESOME! hehe (:
i love it!
i love how it looks.
though mine is not as nice as the original made by Bakerella. hehe
but I still love how it turned out.
and I’m really happy now. hehe

I couldn’t get hold of any pink melts.
so i settled for white chocolate melts. hehe.
and i think they still look pretty (:
considering that it’s my first time! hehe

i made like almost 60 of these pops! hehe
the flavour is chocolate inside.
and it’s SO moist! hehe
and yes. it’s sweet.
but it’s good! hehe (:

did i say i loved the way they look?

haha. yes. i really do! (:

a close up! hehe

how cute is that! (:
and they are really small. hehe.

im a happy girl!