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eat and just be happy!

16 Mar
i say that only because eating good food really does make me happy
no matter how oily or plain it is.
as long as it’s yummy
and i love it.
im happy (:

met up with the usual gang for dinner on Saturday
but Cheok couldn’t join us this time. hehe
next time buddy!

we went to Greasy Joe’s! hehe
been a while since we had it.
more than a year for me. hehe
and the food was no doubt awesome!

well. we were smiling.
inside and out
that’s for sure. hehe

on the note of this "healthy" food we’re eating
the news is reporting something quite bizarre.
"losing weight in a sweet way, fighting fat with sugar!"
literally. this would be interesting (:

well the eating streak doesn’t stop here! hehe
will be posting about what yummy food we had the next day!

for now. it’s bed time. cos today i had a super long day