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just one day.

19 Mar

so today it felt like my brain was put into a blnder
and was blended up really well.
but it’s just today.
after this weekend.
it will all be good.

I will survive.


a bowl of dessert puts a smile on everyone’s faces

19 Mar
a while back in Singapore.
Just before we came back to Melbourne
I met Lynn for dessert at Gardens
with er ger as well (:
and boy was it good.
for one, I LOVE mango. haha.
and they have heaps of choices! hehe
but Mango was my number one choice. for sure.

how awesome do they look? hehe
is one place I will definitely be going back when im home
since I live really near now! hehe

talking about places to go when im home.
kor and I are coming up with a "places to go and EAT" list. haha.
and it’s growing! hehe
so if u have suggestions.
feel free to let me know! hehe (: