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thinking thoughts.

30 Apr
was really nice having Emma on the tram on the trip back home
instead of the usual :
music and readings – kind of journey home (:
was speaking to her throughout the trip
the poor girl haha.
cos we were talking about how people can change
and almost instantly.

and how we are the avoidance kind of friend
who will rather just keep quiet
and allow the person to go on
only cause when we tell her/him
it will only end up in either of the 2 ways :

1) her/him being crazily over apologetic and puling back
2) being really fake

so yea. we tend to lean towards the avoidance side
although i must admit that im the kind who will tell the person off
when it has hit my limit.
and if the person sees it as I’m being against her on purpose
or im being jealous or what-so-ever.
then so be it.

don’t get me wrong.
I will be more than just upset.
but ultimately
friends do come and go.
and those who stay are the ones who really treasures your friendship
and even if u tell her/him off and let them now their weakness.
they would accept it and try to change
or at least be nice about it.

wow. okie.
the things we can talk about on our1 hr ride back to the city.
nice to know she feels the same.

im just emotional.
and friendship, espcially now when im far away, means alot to me.
and I just take all to my heart.
and make them personal. rah.
it’s my weakness.
but it’s something i don’t think i will be able to change.



Birthday Celebrations

29 Apr
Spaghetti Tree
59 Bourke Street
Vic 3000

Tel : (03) 9650 3174


it was Cheryl’s birthday
and since she was here on a holiday
it was nice of her to organize a get together with the other friends here in Melbourne
and we decided to meet at Spaghetti Tree! (:
I’ve always wanted to try it
cause Kenn use to tell me their pastas were pretty good.
and they were!

a pity i didnt take pictures of the food this time.
but i’m sure I will the next time I go back i will!
(yes, i’ve decided it’s pretty good and worth making another trip back!)

but what i did take was photos of the birthday girl (:

was really good catching up with everyone.
after almost 4 years i think
yea. that was the last time I met up with most of them (:

was awesome really (:
felt like we were kinda back to MGS again. haha
thanks for organising this!

and Happy Birthday again!


dreadful weather

28 Apr
I hate it when there are weather changes
and changes of the season
especially from hot to cold.
cause my sinus starts acting up.
and I can’t get much work done cause my head hurts really bad.
Plus I’m down with a flu
and my neck is aching like mad
can’t tilt my head back or forward too much.
cause it will strain it and hurt.
and a runny nose which isn’t helping much.

help me please.


one year wiser !

27 Apr

One year wiser my dearest cousin (:
All the best in the coming year
and I do hope that you will have a blast today!
(eve if u have uni. rah!)
but yes. hehe
enjoy yourself! hehe

take care aye?

breakfast is THE most important meal of the day

26 Apr

Mee Too Bar and Cafe
Shop 013, 300 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

we have had breakfast at this cafe before.
but we decided to give it another go
and we were quite happy with our meals. (:

baby’s coffee had eyes and a huge nose!
haha. if u can see it. (:
our choices undercut !

just because.

26 Apr

just cause i miss you both very much
and this reminds us of the fun times we had (:
so the hippo, giraffe and the piglet has one of this by the end of the year!



when we crave for chinese

25 Apr

Pacific BBQ House and Cafe
213 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

this place never fails us
when we need some chinese food in our system. haha.
especially the roast meats.
they are ALWAYS awesome.
and you don’t really need to wait for long.
after ordering.
the food (if u order the roasts not the other things)
comes in like 5 mins! (:

Our favourite is the soy sauce chicken and the roast duck.
and you can have it with rice, dry noodles or noodle soup!
baby was craving for something soupy
cause he just recovered from his flu
so he ordered the noodle soup yesterday (:

on the side note :

Satisfaction Day 2 – COMPLETE.
yes. I did go to the gym yesterday as well.
and it felt good
just sweating it out.
even though it was a short 20 min workout.
I think I am heading in the right direction! hehe.
so i am quite proud of myself. haha.
even though my calorie output is way less than my input.
but I will get there. some day i will.


♥ Baking Friday

24 Apr
it’s the self-declared baking day for me
and I am super excited! (; hehe
and because it’s baking day.
i baked something for dinner as well.
and I must say. both turned out pretty good for the first time!
cos i’ve been wanting to try these recipes for a long long time
and tonight. I got to make them!

Mac and Cheese

More peektures and recipes !

satisfaction: Day 1

23 Apr
So I kept to my word
and I went to the gym
even after a long grueling day of readings, lessons and meetings.
I got my butt off the floor
and went to the gym! (:
though it was shorter than I wanted to do.
I jogged instead of walk.
and I knew I had to start somewhere.
and I did.

now all i have to do is.
and I will
aim to improve and hit or go beyond what my goal is.

but for now.
I am really happy with myself. (:


yes we will.

22 Apr

stole this from Jas
cause I couldn’t not have it.

MIssing u girls too!
you have no idea how much.