Friday Morning Breakfast

1 May

Time Out Cafe
Corner Swanston St and Flinders St
Federation Square

Tel : (03) 96713855

I saw how awesome the breakfast look
through the photos on Jiayin’s Facebook
and so Baby and I decided to give it a go today! (:
and I was pretty glad we did

been a while since we took a photo together

absolute love the design on the wall. (:

my chai latte! (: hehe
with a packet of honey.
so good! hehe
really liked it.

with the honey on the froth. (:
loving it!

baby’s latte.
he said the froth was super shiok. haha
his very words!

here comes the fooood : 

baby ordered the BIG FED. haha
it was quite obvious judging from the name
the portion and the amount of food.
but baby said it wasnt really that big hehe

it came with mushrooms, fried egg, tomato, bacon,
pork sausage, lamb cutlet, fried onion and hash brown
and all these on a hot sizzling plate! hehe

and I ordered the Atlantic Eggs :

how awesome does that look?

it’s 2 poached eggs (perfectly poached i must add) on a potato rosti
with horse radish cream sauce
smoked salmon, asparagus and bread

all the yummy stuff on one plate! (:

and it was light, and i assume pretty healthy and superbly good!
really loved it. hehe
and did i say the eggs were perfectly done?
they were.
i have prove!

see how runny the yolk is and how firm the whites are?
they are awesomeeee!

after that
we went to the market to do our weekly marketing.
and we bought blue trevally and porterhouse steaks for the meals through the day!
stay tuned for the yummy recipes! (:



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