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all things baked Saturday

9 May
just because I felt like baking more today
so I did. haha.
ideas were just flowing in my mind
and I was inspired to cook some yummy food (:

Since I met Ayeeba for a late breakfast this morning.
I decided to have a baked eggs frittata for tea.
and it is such a good thing to make when you have heaps of left overs.
just toss everything in
and you’re good to go!

things that might make you hungry!


been too long a while my friend

9 May

it has been 7 years.
yes it has been that long since I’ve met up with Ayeeba
and she came to Melbourne
which was awesome! cos we had a chance to meet up and have breakie together (:

and because she asked if there was a nice place to go for pasties.
I thought I’d bring her to Laurent.
My favourite place to go for croissants.
Almond croissant to be exact.