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5 May
So uni has started for quite a while now.
but I’m not really sure about my progress.
it seems like after a gap year.
i’ve lost touch with doing assignments, readings and studying altogether.
I get really stressed with the assignments
and Im freaking out cause of my research project.
and im just going nuts over the coming exams.

didn’t do too well for my first analysis
it’s okie, the marks i mean.
not anything to celebrate about.
but I passed.
Though I thought I did good when I handed in my work.
but apparently, it was more of a lit review than an analysis.
so what can I do?
But suck it up, and just do better for the next one yes?

Till I find out that the simplest piece of assignment for Research Methods.
I couldn’t even get a full mark for that.
and had to get a 4.75/5.
I’m not complaining because it’s a good mark.
But I’m just wondering where could that 0.25 have gone to?
wrong number of decimal places and significant figures???
I have yet to see it.
cause the paper is not ready to be returned yet.

all these results are not making me feel very positive about my studying.
as it is, I’m not studying material.
so to do well
and get into Masters and practice what I love to do.
It’s a huge hurdle in my eyes.
But I am determined to get through this.
To not worry about what has already passed
and just do what I can for those that are charging towards me.
yes, charging. they are.
cause time is just flying by. and I am still reading.

Pray for me, whoever still reads my blog.
And I thank you for reading my daily rambles.
but please do pray for me to have the strength and determination to fight on
and to strive and do well for the remaining year
to do God proud and to do my parents proud.
cause that’s what matters to me most.

*im struggling. but I will get there. trust me. I will.*



Marley & Me

5 May

if you love dogs.
you will love this show.
and before u sit down comfortably with a packet of popcorn and a nice cold drink
please also prepare a box of tissue
because I cried buckets.
but trust me. it’s a super good and touching show.
loved it.

so go rent it or something!
cause it’s one movie worth cuddling up with the person you love
and just watch and cry and get emotional. (: