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addicted to chilli

23 May
Sichuan Restaurant
65 Carrington Street, Boxhill
Vic 3128

Opens : 1130 to 5pm
              530pm to 10pm

recently. I’ve been addicted to spicy food.
I think it might just be because of the change of weather.
and feeling cold all the time.
and having spicy food makes my tummy warm and fuzzy hehe

Wednesdays are short days for me.
Emma would bring me to somewhere nice at Boxhill for lunch before we went home.
this week. she brought me to have Sichuan food.
and I liked it so much
and kept raving about it.
I decided to bring Baby there for lunch today.
but i think he didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. haha

chilli. yums!


Happy Birthday Daddy!

23 May

without you. I’m cant’ be where I am today.
love you dad! (: