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love from my boy

3 May
Baby cooked dinner tonight
and it was awesome! hehe
been really long since we had Paella.
and because I saw Gordan Ramsay cooking it on the F word.
(yes, yet again)
I wanted to have it! hehe
thank you for cooking it for me (:
i love you!

recipe undercut and a few more peektures!


everyone loves a hearty breakfast.

3 May

Jasper Kitchen
489 Elizabeth Street
Vic 3000

a small little cafe that baby and I always walk pass
when we’re going to Victoria Market on our marketing days
and have been wanting to try the breakfast for a long time
cause we happen to see the menu
and it sounded really good! hehe
and it was. well. I’ll walk you through our experience (:

when we entered the place.
it was a nice and warm place
but the waiter ( the Barista ) didn’t really want to serve us.
he walked around
and pretended to do something.
so I went to him and asked him if we should seat ourselves.
and he said yes please go ahead.

but the waitress that took our order and served us our drinks was really friendly
which kinda took the negative image our of our minds till we paid for the bill.
the Barista once again tried to go look for something
and didn’t wanna get our bill for us.
only then did we feel like he was racist
so we might not return
though the breakie was pretty good.

okie. so besides that.
here’s what we had today (:
eggs eggs eggs!