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Acardia : New Breakie Place !

8 Jul
193 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy 3065

Tel: (03)94161055

When I was home for the last couple of months, baby told me about this breakfast place he came to with his supervisor. Us being huge fans of pesto, baby said I had to try their Italian eggs and their chai latte (but of course)! So the day after I arrived, baby immediately brought me there for breakfast after Mass. (:

Weekends are PACKED. We had to put our names on the waiting list. But service was pretty good and efficient, so we got our tables in less than 5 mins! So we quickly settled in, and chose what we wanted and ordered. But for some reason, our coffee and chai latte took ages to come and so did our food. Maybe they forgot our order? I hope so.

that aside, how cute are the things that they use in the cafe? It’s so english somehow and just feel like you’re relaxing outdoors. love it!

and my chai soy latte came in this cute little pot with a side of honey! (:

i, of course, was a very happy girl. (: especially when the food came!

my Italian eggs : scrambled eggs, pesto wrapped with slices of prosciutto.

my eggs were cooked to perfection, creamy and smooth, super generous with their pesto and everything just goes perfectly with the saltiness of the prosciutto.

Baby’s Mexican eggs : poached eggs, with avocado, tomato and coriander salsa! It was good! (:

the eggs were poached to perfection.

Baby had to finish my portion cause it was huge! haha (: lucky for me, he has a bigger appetite during winter! hehe

I had a chance to play with Cheok’s Nikon D40X. It’s quite fun and cool! haha my hands are itching again. *breathe* Need to find a part time job and save money! (:

and what makes it even better? Everyone gets a complimentary Green & Black’s organic chocolate! (: Never tried organic chocolate before, and I must say, this is good chocolate. And the bits of butterscotch within every bite, AWESOME.

Thanks for bringing me there sweetie (: love you!

one more shot of the food, just because.


Food Post : French Toast

17 Apr

what is your favourite meal of the day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper? Tea maybe? hehe without a doubt, mine is breakfast. Especially having breakfast with my loved ones. We could sit there for an hour or two just enjoying our food, coffee (probably a chai latte) and talking about everything that is happening around us.

my favourite kind of breakfast? Anything that has fruits and eggs and toast! Combine them together, I would say my favourite thing to have for breakfast is French toast or pancakes! hehe But I wouldn’t say I will turn down a good eggs benedict either! haha (:

we went to Safeway a couple of days back and we saw this loaf of bread that I just couldn’t resist. Scones is a big favourite of me and my mum’s and when I saw scones toast, I had to get my hands on them! hehe and the only thing I want to make with them, is french toast! hehe and I did today (:

the thickness of the toast was just right and the fresh bananas complimented the sweetness of everything. Absolutely loved how it turned out! A perfect piece of toast for this dish!

For recipe CLICK HERE!

Cinnamon and Pecan Swirl Buns

31 Mar

There is no doubt that I have a sweet tooth. And what I have been craving are the caramelised, nutty, cinnamon-y bread like yummers for the longest time! But instead of paying heaps for just one cinnabon, I decided to make some for myself! (: and boy am I happy I did. Cause the process of making it was so much fun! I wanna make more like tomorrow! haha.

the only sad thing was that the oven I have in this new place is fan forced and I think the oven is hotter than what it specifies to be even though I did the conversion of temperatures. I so need to get a thermometer for this oven. haha. BUT! the cinnabons still came out super yummy besides the burnt sides. But the few burnt sides will not put me down! hehe I’m still happy I got the courage to try making buns for the first time! hehe

I bought myself a new rolling pin from Myers today. hehe I’m a happy camper! (:

Bread or buns has been very foreign to me, and I always thought I need a bread maker to make awesome bread. Yeast is also something I am not use to working with, but I conquered that fear! (: Absolutely love the sight of seeing my dough double in size and have crazy fun of punching the air out! haha.

haha. the print of my fist! super cute! (:

so I urge you not to wait as long as I have to try making buns or bread for the matter! I waited far too long! These were easy, not as time consuming as it sounds and just absolutely divine! hehe

Tummy wants more ? Click here !

breakfast at Issus

25 Oct

Cafe Issus
8 Centre Place
Melbourne Vic 3000

Tel : (03) 9663 8844

We just couldn’t get out of bed this morning
so we were late for the 10am mass.
we decided to go for breakie
before going for the mass at 1230pm. (:

we’ve been to Issus before
but this time, we both ate something different!
and their food is really pretty good I must say.
the portion size is quite huge!

i decided to try the Mediterranean Meat Balls with baked eggs!

and it was so good.
the thickness of the tomato sauce
just made such a good dipping sauce for the bread! hehe
it was yummy!

the eggs were done just nice.
in between the runny and the overdone. (:
together with the meatballs and the bread.
a perfect match!

and with the rocket salad
everything just went really well.
i loved it. hehe

baby had the big breakfast!
and it was really quite big! hahaha

it came with bacon, mushrooms,baked beans, hashbrown sausages and bread!

we were all stuffed by the time we finish our breakfast. hehe
been a while since we had breakfast out on a Sunday (:

and with chai lattes and each others company
what could be better?


Breakfast at European

5 Sep

161 Spring Street
Vic 3000

Telephone : +61 3 9654 0811

Been a while since baby and I had a breakfast together
just enjoying each other’s company (:
it was really nice!

(really love this shot. his smile! *melts* hehe)

how cute is this boy?
he could be on the poster promoting European! haha
i couldn’t resist not taking him!
super cute. (:

We decided to try European as we went to his school to drop his assignment off
and it wasn’t too far from his Uni.
Been hearing good reviews on their egg benedict
and knowing me. I would LOVE to try it! haha
and boy was I glad I did.
it’s definitelyt the best eggs benedict I’ve ever had!

look at how thick the hollandaise sauce is! 
O-M-G! (: super duper yums!

don’t you just want to dig in?

baby ordered baked eggs with chorizos and black pudding (:
it was really good.
he loved it! especially the black pudding hehe

was really good spending some alone time with my boy!
pls a good breakfast.
it’s just awesome!


Breakfast at MART : at last !

16 May

107A Canterbury Road, Middle Park
Daily 7.30am-5pm

a little cafe that is located in the middle of no where
along the train/tram track.
it’s such a cute location
and I’ve been hearing so much about this.
I can’t believe I’m only trying it today.
But. having said that. I’m just glad I’ve tried it for myself
and absolutely loved it!

happy happy (and tired) us! hehe

yum yum yums !

everyone loves a hearty breakfast.

3 May

Jasper Kitchen
489 Elizabeth Street
Vic 3000

a small little cafe that baby and I always walk pass
when we’re going to Victoria Market on our marketing days
and have been wanting to try the breakfast for a long time
cause we happen to see the menu
and it sounded really good! hehe
and it was. well. I’ll walk you through our experience (:

when we entered the place.
it was a nice and warm place
but the waiter ( the Barista ) didn’t really want to serve us.
he walked around
and pretended to do something.
so I went to him and asked him if we should seat ourselves.
and he said yes please go ahead.

but the waitress that took our order and served us our drinks was really friendly
which kinda took the negative image our of our minds till we paid for the bill.
the Barista once again tried to go look for something
and didn’t wanna get our bill for us.
only then did we feel like he was racist
so we might not return
though the breakie was pretty good.

okie. so besides that.
here’s what we had today (:
eggs eggs eggs!

Friday Morning Breakfast

1 May

Time Out Cafe
Corner Swanston St and Flinders St
Federation Square

Tel : (03) 96713855

I saw how awesome the breakfast look
through the photos on Jiayin’s Facebook
and so Baby and I decided to give it a go today! (:
and I was pretty glad we did

been a while since we took a photo together
get ready to drool !

Friday Morning Breakfast

1 May

Time Out Cafe
Corner Swanston St and Flinders St
Federation Square

Tel : (03) 96713855

I saw how awesome the breakfast look
through the photos on Jiayin’s Facebook
and so Baby and I decided to give it a go today! (:
and I was pretty glad we did

been a while since we took a photo together
get ready to drool !

breakfast is THE most important meal of the day

26 Apr

Mee Too Bar and Cafe
Shop 013, 300 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

we have had breakfast at this cafe before.
but we decided to give it another go
and we were quite happy with our meals. (:

baby’s coffee had eyes and a huge nose!
haha. if u can see it. (:
our choices undercut !