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stewed pig trotters : baby’s favourite

18 May
ever since we had pig trotters at the sichuan restaurant with Peggy and Paul
Baby has been wanting to have the stewed one for the longest time.
PLUS. he usually have it every Sunday either at the market after church
or at his grandmas.
so I really wanted to let him have his comfort food (:
though I hope he didn’t need the comforting. hehe
but it’s always nice to taste something familiar and brings him good memories.

I wouldn’t say of course that my first time stewed pig trotters tasted as good as his grandma’s
I wouldn’t dare.
cos those are huge shoes to fill.
but I think for my first time.
I didn’t do half as bad a job (:
Well. He enjoyed it to the max.
and leaving it to stew the whole day was really the way to go.
plus cooking it in the claypot.

Nice and soft. the meat just falling off the bones.
not too salty
but a nice dark saucy colour. hehe
im happy how it turned out (:

definitely definitely cooking it again.
and we’re thinking this is one dish Paul might enjoy
so maybe the next time would be during our potluck night! haha
so ambitious.