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Fluffy Buttermilk Sultana Scones

24 May

I use to make the scones my mummy taught me.
with 7-up and cream.
but I really wanted to try those that are made using buttermilk. (:
saw a few recipes. but decided to use the one I saw on Kitchenwench
been reading her blog lately.
and she is so inspiring! hehe
and she teaches how to make all the korean yums.
so I was jus addicted. haha.
recipe and more pictures!


chinese food makes us h-a-p-p-y !

24 May

inspired by the wantons we had at the Sichuan restaurant.
we decided to make our own and have them for dinner! (:
and baby is an expert at making the meat for wantons. hehe
and so he was in charge of making them!
and we would make the wantons together hehe