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Daddy’s Day

21 Jun

It’s a very special day for daddy (:
And a well-deserved one I must add.
After doing everything for us.
and always supporting us in everything we do.
no doubt.
the best father award goes out to you! (:
love you heaps.
thank u so much!
you’re awesome. really awesome!

Happy Father’s Day!


no such thing as too much tabs.

19 Jun

last paper.
omg. i seriously can’t wait.
May God grant me endless Wisdom and Strength.
The memory to remember everything I’ve revised
and calmness during my paper.

I can do this! (:
415pm. I’ll be done.
Drinks tonight. FOR SURE.


stop and smell the roses.

17 Jun

2 more days. just 2 more days.
this time on Friday I would be doing my happy dance.
and feeling a huge sense of relief.

I am going to do my best-est for my last paper.


just for laughs.

16 Jun

always makes me and Baby laugh. (:
hope it has the same effect on you too!

2 down ; just one to go

16 Jun
though today’s paper was a toughie.
what’s done is done.
Just have to pray for God’s grace. (:
two down. Just one more to go!

not my favourite subject.
but still gotta do it and do it the best I can.
so ADD OIL lianne! 
the weekend is coming soon!


pre-exam jitters

15 Jun
so it’s jus the night before my morning paper tmr.
and being me.
I always do this to myself.
worrying and to the verge of breaking down
the day before my paper.
ugh. this sucks.
i want this to end NOW!


one down. two to go.

14 Jun

16th June (Tuesday) : Research Methods C (10-12pm)
19th June (Friday) : Perceptual and Conceptual Issues (2-4pm)

pray for me!

I can’t wait for the weekend to come again
cause it just means the exams are O-V-E-R! (:

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


warmth in different ways.

13 Jun
Winter is officially here.
and I for one, is super scared of the cold.
but I’m lucky.
in more ways than one.

before Winter even set in.
My dearest Queenie gave me something
which would keep me warm to the max! (:
and I love it!
and the soft touch of it. is just awesome. hehe

thank u so much! hehe
i havent thanked you for it yet. hehe
cos I just started using it!
keeps my hands and feet warm! hehe

and when I speak to my parents.
when I told them it’s getting really cold.
they would ask me to get a heater and electrical blanket.
but their love from a distance. is kinda keeping me warm as well. (:
deep inside. hehe

and of course.
my dearest baby. (:
who is cooking, washing and doing everything know that I still have 2 papers to go.
and he is done.
without any complaints.
and i wake up to a hearty breakfast.

scrambled eggs with porcini mushrooms. hehe
and my favourite crossiant.
and because there was only one left.
he gave it to me.
and had cereal instead.
cos he knew I really love the crossiant. hehe

so thank u thank u! (:
though it’s cold.
but it’s made bearable cos of all of you! hehe

love you all!


don’t even think about it back home.

13 Jun

haha. trying doing this in the Macs in Singapore. haha
I think the aunty will go. HUH? So what you want ar? haha


love mail

11 Jun
guess what came in the mail a few days ago?

and it was sent in the morning of my first paper
which gave me a boost! hehe

"Happy Birthday Three!"
from someone who i love and miss dearly. (:
thank you thank you thank you!

I will definitely be baking something for u the next time I see u!
I will not forget your treat! hehe
you can take your pick!

im really lucky to have a friend and sister like you.