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Happy Birthday Uncle John!

29 May


i’ve know you for a really long time
since I was 12. haha
you practically saw me grow up
it’s been 11 years! (: time really flies.
I do miss you training me.
and if it wasn’t for you.
I wouldn’t love bowling as much as I do now. hehe

Hope you had an awesome day! hehe


good food + great company + awesome surprise = Happy Lianne !

29 May

was an awesome awesome night. for many reasons.

i came home to someone hiding in my room. haha
and SURPRISE! hehe
Qiuling appeared!!!! *Screams*
without telling me she had a flight to Melbourne la. hehe
she and Cheok hid this from me
to surprise both me and baby last night.

Thank you thank you! hehe
so happy you’re here. (:
Even if it was just for the night.
it was awesome to have someone close in Melbourne.
Always is. hehe
HEAPS of pictures! (: