Old School Days

23 Oct
It’s been too long since we hung out together
and had the fun we did
think the last time we hung out as SLR was like in secondary school! haha
In the library and all. *Grins*
well. it was a perfect night.
we talked about everything then and now.
Looking forward to the 3rd of Nov!

was so much like secondary school
we decided to snap a few shots in the… TOILET! haha
actually. all our photos. haha

How full are you chel? (:

where are your flowers Shir???

haha. i didn’t even know we were suppose to make funny faces!

Both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the toilet. haha
we’re super funny.

Happy Belated Birthday My Dearest Pooey-Shirlene!

Love ya girls! (: was a great night!


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