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Breakfast with Kor

18 Oct
Saturday is usually a day for brunch with my dearest brother (:
and this week. we went to Coffee Bean! hehe

and I’ve always enjoyed their breakfast.
Baby and I use to have it on some Sundays. hehe

and we decided to order two of our favourite things and share!

Salmon scramble. YUMM. alot of salmon! hehe
my favourite la! hehe

Eggs Benedict! hehe
another of my favourite.
I always have this in Melbourne.

hehe having half of each! (:

So good i tell you.
We reckon the eggs benedict at Coffee Bean is better than most of the places we’ve tried.
So anyone knows places with good eggs benedict?



Another Cupcake Added to My Collection!

18 Oct

Lynn bought me this from the UK! hehe (:
So cute la.
I’ve got one more cupcake thing added to my collection!
Thanks so much!


Girl’s Night Out!

18 Oct
Was a last minute get together
But it was good nonetheless! (:
We headed back to the thai restaurant for dinner tonight
Girls Only! hehe
it was really nice meeting everyone up. hehe
and meeting Shirley for the first time too!

So we went to the Thai restaurant at Sixth Ave again
and I must say this time the food tastes a little better than the last time.
Not that the last time was bad. hehe
this time was just better!

Awesome Night Out!