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Whakatau ki Aotearoa

25 Nov
HOLIDAY! woohoohoo! (: hehe
yups. Me and my baby are off to New Zealand!
for the very first time together!



More food – Melbourne

24 Nov
the last week has been a crazy week!
moving and moving and moving. haha.
i tell you. I almost went crazy.
Just want to thank Sam for helping us at the last minute.
I don’t know what will happen if u didn’t agree to meet us! (:

actually i do. haha
we will be stranded! haha and left to sleep on the streets with our things.
like this!

trust me. this is not even 1/10 of our things! haha

yummy yummy food !


18 Nov

we are starting to pack the place
and getting ready for the BIG move! (:


18 Nov

we are starting to pack the place
and getting ready for the BIG move! (:

Double Celebration , Double Happiness !

17 Nov

Really glad that I am able to spend this special day of ours together
of course the day got better ever since the sun starting shining!

We went for lunch after seeing a few house today
Baby brought me to this new place at Southbank!

we had soooo much food! haha.
cause it was a day for celebrations! (:
happy happy day!

More yummers !

16 Nov
yes. another day of food.
some bought
and some cooked! (:

the morning started with breakfast at the favourite Post Office
at Victoria Market. hehe

always love this breakie (: hehe
with the nicest crossiant!

and at night. i tried baking pasta
and it turned out really good! hehe

hehe presentation is KEY! hehe
kidding. (:
but it was really pretty yummy.
i must say it’s because of the prawn heads i fried first. hehe

Hopefully we’ll get good news soon!


15 Nov

Well. Yes.
it really is called Bimbos. haha.
and their pizzas are super good! (:
Met Siti and Eric at Brunswick Street
and she suggested going there for lunch
and I’ve always been wanting to try it.
No regrets!

and they had the coolest bar and beer on tap! haha

flavour infused vodka!
they even had lychee. hehe

and guess what i had?
i had Blonde Bimbo! haha
pretty good. i think it’s like a ladies’ beer.
like Hoegarden hehe

really good catching up though! (:

Well. go try the pizza! hehe
the chocolate one was really good!


catching up and more food!

15 Nov
what is catching up with friends without good food?
of course with all the catching up to do being away for so long
it had to be accompanied with super yummy food! (:
and so we did.

Warning : ALOT of mouth watering food coming up!

We went to Rose Garden for lunch one of the afternoons
and it was really good! hehe
Always enjoyed their food.
Cheap and good (:

i never fail to order this. hah

more food ahead!

She’s my bestie!

15 Nov
Congratulations to my BESTIE! hehe
Number ONE seeded! WOOOHOOOO! (:

I’m soooo proud of you my dear! hehe
I will see you when i come back!
we have MORE THAN ONE celebration.
cause this is HUGE! hehe

Happy Birthday Sammy!

13 Nov
It was Tuesday
and tuesdays just meant – Bluefire Night!
and just nice, Sammy’s birthday was also today (11th Nov)
so off to Blue Fire at Docklands we went!

hip hip hooray!