A year wiser ♥

13 Sep

Been waiting for this day for the longest time.
Cause we have been wanting and planning to head to Waterfront for this special day since 2 months ago!
haha yes. we plan way ahead for this.
But it was worth the wait! (:

hope you enjoyed yourself and this is a birthday to remember!
so before I go on and on and on.
I will let the photos do the talking!


we were greeted by fresh bread an french butter (:

the handsome birthday boy (:
with his new haircut
looking so much younger! hehe

i look older than him now! haha.

happy happy faces! (:

and here comes the food.
which was really quick btw! especially the starters.
came like 10 mins after we ordered our food!

Baby’s scallops with chinese bbq sausage and caramel.
was really good.
we thought the caramel would be a bit weird.
but it went together with the saltiness of the scallops perfectly!

all GONE! haha

my seared scallops with smoked duck accompanied with cauliflower puree and mushrooms

the scallops were cooked to perfection and they were really huge!
absolutely divine (:

super YUM! (:

my face is incredibly ROUND. haha

the thing that attracted baby to this place was their aged rib eye!
and they do it at the restaurant which was so cool
and of course tt’s what he ordered for his main meal!

baby’s 450g aged rib eye steak.
it was HUGE but cooked to perfection!
he was a happy boy! (:

worth every penny!

mmm. a close up. haha

cooked perfectly! still pink on the inside!

i ordered the special of the night
snapper with mushroom ragout ith truffle oil.
the ragout was SO AWESOME! haha
i could just have that on it’s own!

and the fish was so fresh and sweet
love it!

after dinner we went to Tim’s 21st birthday celebration

the two birthday boys! (:

and we asked Cheok, Peggy and Paul along
cause their company is always awesome! hehe
and it was great!

we all had a really good time and a not so great hangover the next day. haha (:
but all is good! and I’m pretty sure the birthday boy had a great time!
thank you for making it possible! hehe

once again.



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