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Breakfast at European

5 Sep

161 Spring Street
Vic 3000

Telephone : +61 3 9654 0811

Been a while since baby and I had a breakfast together
just enjoying each other’s company (:
it was really nice!

(really love this shot. his smile! *melts* hehe)

how cute is this boy?
he could be on the poster promoting European! haha
i couldn’t resist not taking him!
super cute. (:

We decided to try European as we went to his school to drop his assignment off
and it wasn’t too far from his Uni.
Been hearing good reviews on their egg benedict
and knowing me. I would LOVE to try it! haha
and boy was I glad I did.
it’s definitelyt the best eggs benedict I’ve ever had!

look at how thick the hollandaise sauce is! 
O-M-G! (: super duper yums!

don’t you just want to dig in?

baby ordered baked eggs with chorizos and black pudding (:
it was really good.
he loved it! especially the black pudding hehe

was really good spending some alone time with my boy!
pls a good breakfast.
it’s just awesome!



Friday Night Dinner : My baby the Chef !

5 Sep

this week.
Baby was the chef! the one and only one (:
He decided a week ago to cook his family’s recipe – stewed stuffed duck!
and it was SO GOOD!
haven’t had it in ages.
so was really happy that he wanted to cook it!

he cooked it the night before
so that the duck would be full of flavour
and the meat would be soft and succulent! and indeed. it was!

the ingredients for the stuffing :

carrot, celery, roasted chestnut, gingko nut, chicken giblet and liver (:

more pictures

Happy Sweet 21st Lovely !

5 Sep

to my dearest Jas,

Thank you for always being there for me.
Whenever and wherever.
You were always there for me when I was happy or sad.
You were always there for me even when I’m hundred and thousand miles away.
No matter how busy our schedules are.
We would always find some time to update each other
and constantly seek advice from each other.
on anything and everything.

It’s been more than 8 years of friendship
and it’s just 8 fabulous years that I cherish with all my heart.
I miss the times we could just be in a corner writing our goals and planning our lives.
I miss the times we would study at the poolside and order macs when we’re hungry.
I miss the times we bake together with Yiang
I miss the times we have meet for Jap food pig outs.
I just miss hanging out with you as often as we use to when I’m back home.
in many ways we’ve grown
but in many ways we’ve been the same from the first day we introduced ourselves to each other
and how we are when we were in Melbourne and being each other’s doubles partner!

Well. without sounding anymore or too lovey dovey (and people saying we are les haha)
I just want to wish you a very happy big 21st birthday.
Sorry I’m not home to celebrate this special day with you.
But I do hope it will be a day you will never forget.
May good things keep coming to your life
and your dreams and wished would come true.
I will make up for missing this day at the end of the year (:

Have a lovely lovely day lovely.
You truly deserve this day after all the hard work you’ve put in with everything that is going on in your life!


Once again.