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Japanese Cheesecake

2 Sep

Saw this on Maria’s blog a while ago
and I have been wanting to make this for the longest time (:
and since I wanted to take a break from the typing of essays. haha.
(rather. just wanted to slack off a little)
I decided to bake it!
and I’m so glad I did. it turned out pretty good besides the cake sinking in a little.
but it still remained fluffy and light!

My mum use to get these on weekends when i was young
cause it was a family favourite! haha
I guess now we don’t have to buy it anymore.
I can bake for them to enjoy! (:
SUPER awesome!

so if you’re craving for cheesecake
but want to have it kinda guilt free (without the buttery base)
give this a try! I think it’s something everyone would like!

more pictures and recipe