a little treasure found

20 Feb
Buona Pizza Bar & Italian Restaurant
27 Lichfield Road
Serangoon Garden Estate

Tel : 67335646

I’ve been hearing my parents and my brother rave about this place
and korkor decided to surprise mummy
by booking this place for her birthday without telling her. (:
i love surprises so I was super happy to hear he had this planned.
plus i’ve been wanting to try this place for the longest time!and it’s a perfect way to try it : with my loved ones.

forgive me that I didnt remember any of the names haha
Can’t seem to find the menu online either. hehe
so the pictures will have to do!

so we started off the night with a starter to share

and boy was this good. it’s no doubt that it was on the specials for the night (:

up close!

portobello mushroom with crabmeat and blue cheese sauce.
this was just superb!
everything complements each other
and every bite was just so good

grilled vegetables
well seasoned and cooked really nicely.

this was my favourite!
buffalo mozzarella cheese and slices of tomato
the cheese, i bet was home-made and just melts in your mouth.
absolutely divine.

melon wrapped in parma ham
i’ve always heard of this combination
but never got to sink my teeth into them.
it was so good.
salty and sweet. how bad can it get? (:

mummy’s lamb chops! (:
cooked really well
in a blue cheese sauce.
gosh i love blue cheese sauce.
i miss my korkor’s very much hehe

Jane’s salmon cooked perfectly!
pink on the inside
crispy skin and all. yummmmmmms!

baby’s mushroom and prawn pappardelle
cause it came with a porcini sauce.

daddy’s crabmeat pappardelle in a tomato sauce.
this was yummy too! hehe
and the portion was huge.
we could easily share it among two of us for the pasta

kor’s mushroom tortellini in porcini sauce.
super good.
the portion looks small? but super filling!

my mixed mushroom risotto! yumssss! hehe
love it!
huge portion with heaps of mushrooms.
it was SO GOOD. haha

good food. good company.
im blessed! (:


2 Responses to “a little treasure found”

  1. June February 25, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    Serangoon garden is good… Near me! I’m going to try the food soon =)

    Btw i didn’t know you changed to WordPress! No wonder i was wondering why you never update your blogspot a/c. Hee!

  2. liannelow February 25, 2010 at 2:04 pm #

    haha (: yes! it’s good! hehe and the ambience is not bad. hehe oh i jues switched! hehe havent been able to post much cos has no time in singapore. now that im back im starting to post again! (:

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