love thy family

26 Feb

and i sure do (:

every Chinese New year it’s the time for us to gather and have fun together

and this year was really fun! hehe

good food, good company and good times.

they mean the world to me (:

and so do they! thanks for making this year’s new year and every new year an awesome one!

me and gladys

me and june jiejie

us three!

us with our niece! super cute! (:

we are in our early twenties! haha

huat ah! (: hehe love it!

time for some fun, by traditions!

staged game! super funny!

not forgetting about the food we had throughout new year!

baby’s big treasure pot! (my tummy is the luckiest throughout new year haha)

so this dish includes :

(first layer)

roast pork, chicken wings, roast duck, homemade meatballs, radish and chinese cabbage

(second layer)

scallops, fish maw, pork tendon, dried oysters, mushrooms and sea cucumber!

one dish and you’ll definitely be full. haha

of course we didn’t only have one dish!

and every year I made pineapple tarts for the people who means the world to me (:

packed and ready to go!

and just for the festive season; here’s some new year decors!

Happy New Year everyone (:

have a roaring good one!


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