adventures with me parents!

13 Dec
really sorry for the long disappearance.
it was exams, then a visit from my parents.
then i shifted house! so the internet was down for like 2 weeks.
so sorry!

but im back!
with the net up and photos to post!
my parents came for 12 wonderful days
and boy did I have fun.
and already I miss them and can’t wait to get home (:

their trip started with a drive up to Mount Dandenong to have the famous Ms Marples!
and their scones is something everyone looks forward to!
Aunty Sue was also in Melbourne then and we asked her along.
cause we always ate the same thing.
I didn’t make everyone wait to take photos of the food.
haha. so no food photos im afraid!
we decided to explore Mount Dandenong a little more than usual
and walked into all the small shops in the different small "towns"

we also made a trip to the peak of Mount Dandenong
and snapped a few shots!

the major road trip this time
was going to Geelong-Great Ocean Road-Mornington Peninsula.
and we visited SO MANY VINEYARDS heh
i think my dad was the happiest man for those few days. (:

so first stop of roadtrip : Geelong

me and my parents! (:

we usually do a quick stop at Geelong.
but this time we parked the car and explored the area a bit and had lunch there too!

counting down to christmas! (:

part of THE band !

was amazed that they too have the duck tour! haha

happy happy happy!

was a really clear and sunny morning (:

i wanna own a boat someday.

we decided to have lunch at Wharf Shed Cafe

and they had really good pizzas!
and because it was SUPER HOT
we all ordered a spyder. haha

Lemonade float! yums! the best thing to have on a hot hot day.
of course, nothing beats a root beer float. but this would do!

we had the pizza with the lot!
was really good.
thin crispy crust and heaps of topping!

we were so hungry i didnt get to get a shot of the whole pizza! haha

next stop : Great Ocean Road

and the windy roads are my mummy’s favourite road to drive on haha

a short stop at a beach (though there were heaps of beaches haha)

really nice view. i do love the sound of crashing waves.

the next stop : the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk

it’s suppose to be like a main attraction
not that it wasn’t fantastic.
but the entrance was a little bit expensive. hehe
but was still a good experience.

we arrived an hour before closing
so we had to practically finish the walk in one hour
or else we’ll be locked out.
when I asked the person who long the walk normally takes in a nice pace.
she said 1 hour. haha
i almost fainted.
BUT! we finished the walk in half an hour! haha.
we were pros!
and a good workout after so long!

one the shaky bridge! haha

my happy happy parents! (:

after walking about 10 mins.
we reached the mod point of the tree top walk.
This is the Spiral Stairs that sits 45m above sea level
and my legs got all jelly when i reached the top!
the thing actually sways a little. haha
it was SCARY!

on the way up!

cant really see the view
but it was really nice from the top!
we could see the whole forest!

this shot was taken on the cantilever
boy was it shaky! haha
my dad still jumped on it to make it shake more.
it was only suspended by 2 (tough) wires! haha

sadly, it wasn’t a river flowing under the cantilever.
so the view was not spectacular.
just trees! haha

can you see the red crystals forming on the bark of the tree?
i can’t remember the story behind it.
but i think those red crystals are very pretty! (:

we were heading back and we saw this tall bark of a tree
with shiny things on it. haha
COINS! apparenty, if you are able to get your coin on it.
make a wish and it would come true! haha

baby almost did it! (:

our last stop : the Triplet Falls !

okie. so i planned to see some waterfalls along the way
but i didn’t know we had to hike a distance before being able to see them! haha
and this one was 1 hr! haha
luckily, my parents love the hike, the weather was good
and baby was fit! haha
the only problem was me then. haha
but I hung in there and got to see the falls!

and boy it was worth it.
look at the view! it was awesome (:

and with 4 hours of drive before reaching our motel
we decided to conclude our first day of adventures here. haha
before it gets all dark
and for some reason
Great Ocean Road does not have alot of lights along the driveways. haha (:

more to come!

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