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adventures with me parents!

13 Dec
really sorry for the long disappearance.
it was exams, then a visit from my parents.
then i shifted house! so the internet was down for like 2 weeks.
so sorry!

but im back!
with the net up and photos to post!
my parents came for 12 wonderful days
and boy did I have fun.
and already I miss them and can’t wait to get home (:

their trip started with a drive up to Mount Dandenong to have the famous Ms Marples!
and their scones is something everyone looks forward to!
Aunty Sue was also in Melbourne then and we asked her along.
cause we always ate the same thing.
I didn’t make everyone wait to take photos of the food.
haha. so no food photos im afraid!
we decided to explore Mount Dandenong a little more than usual
and walked into all the small shops in the different small "towns"

we also made a trip to the peak of Mount Dandenong
and snapped a few shots!

the major road trip this time
was going to Geelong-Great Ocean Road-Mornington Peninsula.
and we visited SO MANY VINEYARDS heh
i think my dad was the happiest man for those few days. (:

so first stop of roadtrip : Geelong

super photo heavy !


Roadtrip to Mornington Peninsula

14 Apr

since Andy was here
and he didnt have a chance to go anywhere else but the city.
I just wanted to bring him out of the city
and allow him to have a feel of doing different things!
so that called for a ROADTRIP! hehe
was really excited and all.
though I’ve been to Mornington many times
but different company
just meant a new experience. hehe
so I didn’t mind at all
plus we added a few new places
so it wasn’t exactly doing the same things! hehe (:

first stop : Craft’s Market at Mornington Race Course
which I loveeee. but didn’t take photos
or buy anything
except for a block of blue cheese. haha
so go with our wine at home.
but I love markets.
just walking around and all.
so this was one stop i was really looking forward to! hehe

then we went to Sorrento. A place recommended by Aunty Lan.
it’s a small town. and I do love small towns. hehe
this one was the one with the famous Vanilla Slice
which I was quite sad I didn’t get to eat.
cause I was way too full after lunch =(
heaps of peektures!