yummy yummy yummy i got lamb in my tummy.

8 Oct

it’s been a long long long long time since I ever had lamb.
I was always afraid of the smell. haha.
but Peggy promised that the one she cooked wouldn’t have the lamb-smell. haha
if you know what i mean.
so i said OKAY! when she suggested cooking it for us. (:

and it was SUPER GOOD!
I can now say, I’ve had roast leg of lamb! haha (:
thanks Paul and Peggy for cooking the yummilicious good that night!
it was awesome!

how good does that look? hehe
it was covered with garlic and rosemary.
it was AWESOME! (:

they didn’t only have one leg of lamb.
there was 2! haha.
specially for the 3 boys.

Peggy making the mushroom sauce. (:

well, being the super good host there always are.
they didn’t only had roast lamb on the menu.
it was roast lamb with mushroom sauce
with pesto pasta, roasted potatoes in duck fat and veg!

Home-made pesto spaghetti!
was really yummy. hehe.
been a while since I had pesto.

how happy are we! WHEEEEE! hehe

the mushroom sauce was just super duper yums.
i wanted to have all of it. haha

the roasted potatoes in duck fat.
these were cooked to perfection.
crispy, golden on the outside and tender on the inside!

what a super meal! (:

thanks so much guys!
was awesomeeeeee! hehe

2 Responses to “yummy yummy yummy i got lamb in my tummy.”

  1. liannelow October 8, 2009 at 10:49 pm #

    haha (: i dun think so! (: I tried those in restaurants. and sometimes I still feel worried about it. haha funny thing is. i ove mutton curry. hahahaha (:

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