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creamy seafood spinach pasta

25 Oct
it’s Sunday! (:
and Sunday normally means either a baking day
or cooking something that I love. hehe
just to end the week on a high note.
so tonight.
I decided to cook creamy seafood pasta
which I haven’t made in ages!

baby loved it! (: hehe
good to see him happy. hehe
espcially cause he is doing his assignments and studying for his papers.
this meal was to cheer him up a little! hehe

it’s really quick to cook.
easy as well,
you will get delicious pasta in 30 mins or less!

so here’s the recipe
hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!
recipe and step-by-step photos

breakfast at Issus

25 Oct

Cafe Issus
8 Centre Place
Melbourne Vic 3000

Tel : (03) 9663 8844

We just couldn’t get out of bed this morning
so we were late for the 10am mass.
we decided to go for breakie
before going for the mass at 1230pm. (:

we’ve been to Issus before
but this time, we both ate something different!
and their food is really pretty good I must say.
the portion size is quite huge!

i decided to try the Mediterranean Meat Balls with baked eggs!

and it was so good.
the thickness of the tomato sauce
just made such a good dipping sauce for the bread! hehe
it was yummy!

the eggs were done just nice.
in between the runny and the overdone. (:
together with the meatballs and the bread.
a perfect match!

and with the rocket salad
everything just went really well.
i loved it. hehe

baby had the big breakfast!
and it was really quite big! hahaha

it came with bacon, mushrooms,baked beans, hashbrown sausages and bread!

we were all stuffed by the time we finish our breakfast. hehe
been a while since we had breakfast out on a Sunday (:

and with chai lattes and each others company
what could be better?