turning 24 : best meal ever !

10 Apr

Grossi Florentino. (:

Just thinking about the food we had last night, makes me hungry and makes me smile. From the first course of bread and extra virgin olive oil, to the ever famous Tiramisu for dessert. Everything was just perfect. and the icing on the cake? Meeting Guy Grossi himself! I never knew he worked there and would appear in the restaurant, going around to every table and asking if we enjoyed our meal. His humility, touched me. And baby said, my smile was wider than when I saw Gordan Ramsay during the Good Food and Wine Show! haha

There are a few people I have to thank for tonight :

My baby of course. Thank you for the wonderful meal (: Definitely the best meal I’ve ever had! hehe

Peggy and Paul for the recommendation! hehe

okie. enough of the logistics. time for the food! hehe. Now, don’t blink. Cause you would really want to sink your teeth into everything that we had last night. hehe

once we were seated, we were greeted with warmth, bread and the best quality of extra virgin olive oil and some olives!

and super duper long bread sticks that were super yummy!

i think we enjoyed the bread and bread sticks too much, finished them all! (:

time for our starters :

Tortellini di aragosta

Peggy told me that the Lobster Tortellini was a MUST. and so I did! (: And boy was I glad I listened to her. hehe it was SO GOOD! The burnt butter sauce complimented it so well.

I could definitely have more! (:

Ceviche di capesante

Baby had the scallop ceviche and I knew the reason why he ordered it. It’s cause he knew I love raw scallops. (: That’s how lucky I am. He would order something just cause he knew it’s something I like, and there’s more than 1 thing I wanted to try on the menu hehe. Thanks sweetie! (:

amazing presentation.

slices of scallops with a tinge of spice with an awesome vinaigrette. Pure yumminess. (:

by this time, we were so looking forward to our mains.

Anatra al vinsanto

yes. I know. it looks amazing. (: Simply put : Duck confit with roast duck breast and a mushroom tart.

breaking them down to the three separate components –

duck confit – with the meat falling off the bone. superb. really superb.

Roast duck breast – Perfectly cooked with crispy skin that was just full of flavour.

Mushroom tart. Just about the best tart I’ve had. The crust had a cheesy taste and just melts in your mouth.

Costata di manz

Baby’s aged rib steak that was so well cooked that it didn’t even need a sauce to company it.

it’s so good, it’s worth another look! (:

Patate all’Italiana

a perfect side to go with our mains : Fried potatoes with rosemary and garlic

Crispy on the outside. Tender on the inside.

see the smile on our faces? hehe (:

I love how they had their own glasses, plates and even their own wine! (:

for dessert : the best tiramisu !

I loved how they serve this dessert. It came our in a huge bowl, and was served table-side.

looking at all these pictures, it’s quite obvious why we were both really happy right?

Grossi Florentino – AMAZING !


5 Responses to “turning 24 : best meal ever !”

  1. mayhwee(: April 11, 2010 at 2:32 am #


    happen to chance by ur blog thru vanessafrida’s lj quite a while ago and read ur posts!
    Have tried out the strawberry cheese squares recipe and my friends, family & i LOVE THEM! (: so thanks for sharing ur recipe!

    I’m heading to brisbane for exchange for a semester (currently an NTU student) in mid july! Cant wait to explore all the yummy pastries and FOOOOOOOD in oz!

    So here’s cheers to you, fellow baker! (:
    I would love to explore ur cooking recipes when I’m in brisbane! Looking at the rent per week over there, I guess I need to save moolahs by cooking! which is not bad i guess!

    And and i’ve been dying to try out to do cinnamon buns! but arrgghhh exams r round the corner so i shall wait till may!

    keep ur love for baking & eating going! (:

    • liannelow April 11, 2010 at 5:05 am #

      Hello MayHwee! (: Thanks so much for reading my blog! I’m so happy to hear when people try out my recipes and not only themselves, but their loved ones love them too! (: So thank you for letting me know!

      I’m in Melbourne but have visited Brisbane once and I know they have good food! Like you, due to rent, we tend to cook more at home just to save money! hehe so I totally know what u mean!

      and u wun regret trying the cinnamon buns!!!! u could do it to distress (punching out the air after it’s risen) too!!! haha then you will have them to give u enough energy! hehe
      Thanks again for dropping by~!! Will add u to my blogroll if that’s okay!

      • mayhwee(: May 27, 2010 at 3:49 am #

        omg i din see ur reply until now, was wondering if u seen my post!
        ahhhhh lucky i tracked back and read ur reply!
        ANDD YUP, I believe in sharing good recipes too! share the joy, share the love! ❤
        thanks for the add, and i will add u too!


      • liannelow May 27, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

        you’re most welcome! always nice to hear people are reading and enjoying my posts! hehe gets me really excited! hehe



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