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A Sugee Cake Just To Say Thank You.

29 Jun

I recently stopped work and really wanted to thank my boss and I knew from the very start sugee cake was her facourite cake of all time. So I couldn’t not bake it for her. I never really baked it before, and was a little nervous to be giving her my very first attempt to be honest. But as I was leaving for Melbourne very soon, I didn’t have much time to bake another. So a successful first attempt was what I was praying for!

Thankfully, I read Ju’s post on The Little Teochew (yes the same awesome person who baked and shared her Japanese Cheesecake recipe, thank you!) a couple of months ago, and bookmarked the recipe of the sugee cake she baked (adapted from Cherry on a Cake) and hers looks amazing! So I took a deep breath and plucked up my courage and gave this a try.

Ju did use almond silvers but I didn’t have that, and used pumpkin seeds instead. However, they didn’t stay on top and sank all the way to the bottom instead! hehe I must say it didn’t look very pretty, but it did taste pretty good! and goes well with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Thankfully, my boss enjoyed it very much! (: So thank you Zurin, for sharing the recipe, and thank you Ju for giving the tips!

For the recipe : Click Here !


Breakfast At The Quarter

28 Mar
The Quarter
27 Degraves Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel : 03 9650 6156

did I tell you? Baby’s got a job! One that he is really excited about and looking forward to start. A health club instructor. yes I know, it sounds weird. But really it’s just a name and he is in fact a gym instructor. haha. I think this sounds better! He took his first spin class this morning and is a personal trainer after which! (: I am very sure he will be awesome in this, cause he has been working out since forever and is also MY personal trainer in our garage, I mean, gym. haha

so CONGRATULATIONS sweetie! hehe

His training started last week and his shifts, I must say, is at the weirdest hours of the day. Not all the shifts, just one. haha 6-9am! Cause it’s a corporate gym hehe so he has to be there before they start work. So my poor baby has to be up at 430am during these shifts! But I guess, when you like a job, it doesn’t really matter what time you have to wake up. hehe

So I went to meet him after his training last Friday and he was so sweet to treat me to breakfast! And because he knew I have been craving for pancakes for the longest time, we were on the hunt for a place with pancakes besides Pancake Parlour. hah

so we walked to our favourite lane to have breakfast. and found The Quarter! (:

and yes! they have pancakes!!! hehe

yummmm. fluffy buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries! Who’s a happy girl? hehe

and breakfast won’t be complete without a cup of chai latte!

baby ordered the big breakfast and it was a plate with everything : eggs, sausage, bacon, spinach,mushrooms and tomatoes!

it was a good spread and the scramble eggs are really yummy! though I do prefer mine to be creamy and soft. but this would also do! hehe

Thank you sweetie for the yummy breakfast and all the best for the first the of work!

i love you.

all smiles.

20 Mar

my dearest Nandeenee sent me pictures of my favourite (:


his smile makes my day

17 Feb

 i miss working.

missing St. Gerard’s

31 Aug

time really flies.
it’s been a year since I taught at St Gerard’s
and I celebrated this special day with the other teachers and Ms Vasugi.
and boy do I miss them.
I miss the super adorable and cheeky children
and I miss working with the teachers as well.

It’s such an honour to be able to work with all of them
and I can’t wait to be able to catch up with them when I’m back at the end of the year.
I’m just so blessed to be able to work there
and gain the experience of a life time.

Happy Teacher’s Day!
you all truly deserve it.


Just want to say Thank You

4 Nov
Knowing that my time working at St Gerard’s is coming to an end.
for now at least
till i come back from my studies.
I decided to bake for my principal and the teachers.
just to thank them for making my work there so enjoyable (:

so i made for them my carrot cupcake with orange and cream cheese icing
and I am so glad they all loved it! (:

i baked a total of 25 cupcakes! (: hehe
and they are almost all gone in a day.


Happy Mid Autumn!

14 Sep

Had a celebration at school for this special occasion
and we had mooncake making in the morning
and a few games and a shadow puppet show in the evening!
Was quite an enjoyable day though a bit tiring.
but when all is done, it felt pretty good!

See how much fun we had!

Food culture week!

8 Sep
Since it’s the school holidays
and we don’t close we held a holiday program week!
and it was titled Food Culture Week
So every day we eat something from a different culture
It was a really enjoyable week
All play no study haha. (:
Just one week! So alot of photos were snapped!

Check out what we had through the week!

Sunshine After the Rain

23 Aug
Although I had a bad start at work yesterday morning
But my principal was awesome standing up for me infront of a parent.
and I’m feeling better. Though a bad start at the beginning of the day
Really spoilt the whole day at work.
But well.
looking at the students really cannot stop a smile from reappearing on my face (:
I’m sure you’ll see why after the photos that follows :

Always a class favourite activity of the day

Picture talk also gets their attention (:

other things done through the day :

awesome yea? (:
Just thinking about what they achieved in a day
I would just smile and feel fulfilled for at least the day
This is what I am so gonna do next time.

National Day Celebrations

9 Aug

it was a fun filled day! (:
Games and food all day! hehe
and I’ve never seen all the children that happy before
since I started working.
So it gave me a very warm feeling.

Thanks to the other teachers who organised such a wonderful day!

Well, to celebrate National Day
we have been on the theme of Our Nation this whole week.
so we’ve been doing art work to celebrate this occasion

of course we did the Singapore Flag (:

and I made all my morning children take a photo with it! haha

they are amazing kids. (:

orchids that they did

the merlion! (:
pretty eh? we used aluminium foil. hehe

and I took a few photos of the children playing games as well.
they really really had alot of fun!

throwing the rings through the bottle
they were pretty good at it i must say! (:

another game that they played
the teacher giving instructions!

High five! (:

the other Expressive class (:

we had a HUGE Singapore flag cake!
and it was pretty goood! hehe

and yes they were all aiming for it!

We also had a school competition
to do a collage of a merlion head!

we did pretty good eh? hehe
but EVERYONE is a winner! (:

Been a long time since I celebrated National Day
and it was really fun to be celebrating with them! (:

Happy Birthday Singapore!